Benalmadena Holiday Home

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The Joslin Gals

Our parents have owned holiday accommodation in this region for 35 years and we have enjoyed time and time again family holidays in this fantastic location. Over the years our children, aged between 15 and 28 are now appreciating the exceptional variety of amenities Benalmadena and the surrounding area has to offer. Three family generations continue to enjoy this because it has something to offer everyone. It is our family dream to all retire here eventually, but in the meantime we would like to give others the opportunity to experience the homely comforts the holiday home provides.


The feedback we get most, is that its home from home. Being a former family home it has everything you could need. We have found the convenience of walking to the beach within a couple of minutes invaluable. We like nothing better than to take fresh fruit and chilled sangria to the beach to keep our appetite sated whilst relaxing in the sun. 

Thank you for viewing our website and look forward to you making some of your own memories in our family holiday home.

Sue, Carol, Jan and Mum xx